Purple Reign

Purple Reign of Excalibur, a Free Company

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Currently this page is just a gateway to our forums, in case you get lost. Or something. That's pretty much been it's sole purpose for going on 8 years now. Sometime, in the perhaps distant future, it will get used for something... else. I wouldn't hold your breath or anything, though! Unless you like passing out. Should you not have any idea what you're doing here, Purple Reign is a Free Company on the Excalibur world in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. PR was originally founded as a linkshell on the Kujata world in Final Fantasy XI. It took a lot of doing, but we finally all stopped playing FFXI sometime in 2012-13. Naturally, some of us were ahead of the curve, and have been playing FFXIV since the original 1.0 Beta.

The images below link to our forums. The FFXI image is only being kept until those forums are officially shut down. Really it's just a formality at this point, since no one posts there, but there's plenty of entertaining material on our public threads if you care to check it out. On the other hand, if you want to post something and have someone respond at any point this year, try our FFXIV forums instead! You can also learn more about us, or even see about applying to join our group if you think you might want to be a part of something like that. So, yeah. That's it for now. See you in game! Maybe. Right?

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